Servant Community

Anglican 4th Day Contacts

A4D Servant Community

Photo: No Image Available Jeanne Longman
Palanca Coordinator
Photo: Annie Curtier Annie Curtier
Reigndrops Editor
Phone: 661-433-6889
Photo: No Image Available Cathi Chrisco
Sponsorship Coorinator
Have a prepared handout regarding sponsorship when you come to our monthly meetings. During Servant Community announcement time, remind Secretariat members of sponsorship duties, when you consider the time appropriate. You might even schedule with the Lay Director, Rector and Rectora, a time to present the most important duties of sponsorship. This should be done when we begin our Team Meetings and not left until right before the Weekend. It is vital that we all understand what is involved in approaching a possible future candidate before we actually invite them.
Photo: Christine Miller Christine Miller
Lay Director
Phone: (661) 431-9365
Photo: Dennis Mann Dennis Mann
Music Director
This person will work hand in hand with the Music Director for the upcoming Weekend. The Coordinator and the Diretor could, at times, be the same person. The Coordinator would accumulate a selection of songs from which we would choose our Weekend music. Throughout the year, the Coordinator would "research" new songs to add to our current collection. All of the songs would be put into a looseleaf notebook, or some sort of an expandable binder, so that we can add to our selections each year. We would rehearse and practice the new pieces at our monthly Ultreyas. This position is a "work in progress"/ It would be up to our musical community as to how this would all play out.
Photo: No Image Available Diane Elderson
Intercessory Prayer Team Coordinator
Phone: 661-822-0931
This person would invite people to be part of the prayer team, which would begin their intercessions for the next Weekend right after Revista, when prayers and plans begin for the next Weekend. They can meet in person, by phone, or through e-mail. They lift up every phase of the Weekend to the Lord. It is important that this person, and their fellow prayer warriors, if possible, attend the team meetings so that they are aware of prayer needs and challenges which might face the team. During the actual Weekend, they can gather for prayer at home or they might wish to stay in a motel in Bishop or Big Pine so that they are praying physically close to the site. There is a contact person on the “Inside Team” who can be in touch with this person to keep them abreast of any urgent prayer concerns and needs
Photo: No Image Available Diane Elderson
Book Keeper
Phone: 661-822-0931
Photo: Fr. Townsend Waddill Fr. Townsend Waddill
Spiritual Director
Photo: Mary Jo Sawyer Mary Jo Sawyer
Parish Rep Coordinator
Make sure that each Parish represented within our Secretariat has a representative. Encourage the reps to talk up A4D through potlucks, announcements (announcements announcements !!!!) and informational meetings, and for each rep to be accessible and visible to Parish members. Keep in touch by phone, or e-mail, with those reps listed on our Website who do not frequently attend our monthly meetings. We still want to “keep them in the loop”. Send out news and or announcements to reps when appropriate.
Photo: Mikela Oberg Mikela Oberg
Would take pictures at our monthly meetings, during Retreat and during Pre-Week and keep an album in place of our life together. The album could be a “recruitment tool” to be used when local parishes hold information potlucks to drum up Anglican 4th Day!
Photo: No Image Available Norma Jackson
Photo: No Image Available Norma Jackson
Ultreya Coordinator
Arrange for the Lay Witness Talks and the Responses for each Ultreya. Remind the speakers that this talk is not about what Christ has done for them; but rather what is their APOLSTOLIC ACTION for His Kingdom. Bring the Floating Group Reunion cards to each Ultreya.
Photo: No Image Available Pat Smith
Phone: 661-972-0248
Photo: Ron Christolear Ron Christolear
New Candidate Follow Up
Phone: 661-477-3352
This person would stay in close contact with our “newbies” and make sure they know when all the meetings are and encourage them to attend. True, each person has a sponsor, and hopefully a schedule of meetings. However, we wish to send the message that we want everyone there and that each person is needed, special and necessary to the life of our Secretariat. This one is perfect for someone who loves to encourage others!!!!!
Photo: Sabrina Sotolo Sabrina Sotolo
Assistant Palanca Angel
Photo: No Image Available Sarah Thomas
Outside Team Coordinator
This person is in charge of the Outside Team duties and of making sure there are enough people on the team to handle the duties involved. This person would keep in close contact with his/her team members, especially as the date of the Weekend nears, making sure everyone is aware of the duties and of the time that they will meet. This person would attend team meetings and work in concert with the Head Cook and the Kitchen Team as they are a part of the Kitchen Team. All Outside Team members are encouraged to attend the team meetings to feel like part of the community. There is a designated contact person on the “Inside Team” who keeps the OST informed as to where we are in our schedule for the Weekend.
Photo: Sharon Collier Sharon Collier
This person would make sure that we have “eats and treats” at our monthly Secretariat and Ultreya meetings. For instance, with possible multiple meetings in Tehachapi, or wherever, we can share duties for bringing food. This person would work with the designated person for whatever community is hosting in a particular month and will make sure that we all share in contributing grub for our meetings so that no one is overworked.
Photo: No Image Available Webmaster
In charge of maintaining our Website.

Core Team

Photo: Candy Townsend Candy Townsend
Photo: Georgia Saicoe Georgia Saicoe
Head Cook
Photo: Ron Christolear Ron Christolear
Photo: No Image Available Ron Hunt
Assistant Head Cook


Scheduled Events

Team Meetings

May 27th St. Jude's, Tehachapi

June 10th St. Paul's, Visalia

June 24th Bakersfield

July 9th St. Mary's, Fresno


Anglican 4th Day Weekend #8 August 2nd to the 6th
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A4D Weekend #8 theme : "Here I am Lord" Isaiah 6:8

Scripture -Isaiah 6:8

    Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”


Song: "Here I am Lord"
Book: Streams in the Desert by L.B. Cowman