Selection of a Candidate


*      The overall objective of the servant community is to identify potential Christian leaders/ministers for the Church and Christ who are prepared and intentional in their commitment to serve Him and change the environments in which they move. 

*      Make a special effort to target and invite young men and women to be part of the A4DTMservant community.

*       Recruit baptized believers who are reasonably stable and mature with a desire for the Father?s love and a longing to be on fire with the zeal to do the work of Jesus both inside and outside of the Church, and those who may be nominal in the faith and yet seem ready for a breakthrough in the Lord so that they too might gain the transforming love and power of the Spirit for advancing the Kingdom. (John:3:3, John 4:10, 12-14)

*      Although A4D does not intend to proselytize, all A4DTMactivities, especially the three-day weekend are open to all non-Anglicans. All Candidate/Pilgrims should understand that our Christian beliefs will be taught in the context of the historical, orthodox, Anglican tradition including teachings on the sacraments.

*       The Three Day Weekend is an excellent time and opportunity for first time commitments to Christ Jesus and for those who need to recommitment themselves to His Lordship.

*       Invite those who are living out their Christian faith and are looking for a deeper relationship with Christ, yearning for more growth and freshness in their commitment to Him.

*       Meet with those who are willing to commit and fully participate in the 4th Day community and explain the goals of A4DTMmethod/movement.

*       Find active or potential leaders/ministers who want an opportunity to change or further the world for Christ Jesus.

*      Pray for discernment and speak to the Rector/Pastor about potential Candidate/Pilgrims before extending an invitation to a weekend (remember the Rector/Pastor may be privy to information that would make an invitation  inappropriate at the time). The A4DTMweekend is for the development and strengthening of leaders/ministers, not to fix emotional, psychological, or moral problems.


Scheduled Events

Team Meetings

May 27th St. Jude's, Tehachapi

June 10th St. Paul's, Visalia

June 24th Bakersfield

July 9th St. Mary's, Fresno


Anglican 4th Day Weekend #8 August 2nd to the 6th
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A4D Weekend #8 theme : "Here I am Lord" Isaiah 6:8

Scripture -Isaiah 6:8

    Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”


Song: "Here I am Lord"
Book: Streams in the Desert by L.B. Cowman