Sponsor Responsibility and Obligations

The commitment of the sponsor is critical to the long-term success of the Anglican 4th DayTM as a servant community.


a. Sponsoring a pilgrim (Candidate/Pilgrim) is open to all persons who have attended a 3-day weekend and who are actively participating in the 4th Day movement.


b. Sponsors must sign an acknowledgment of their active participation in a small group and regular attendance at regional 4th Day meetings.


c. Encourage recruit individual Candidate/Pilgrim(s), as well as the spouse(s), to be potential leaders/ministers in the church. To recruit and encourage young adults to become part of the A4DTMservant community.


d. To open dialogue with the Candidate/Pilgrim(s) about the A4DTMmethod/movement by encouraging questions and providing answers to their questions.


e. Individual sponsorship activity should be limited to one Candidate/Pilgrim per weekend to ensure that the focus on the Candidate/Pilgrim is personal, reflecting the love of Jesus. Co-sponsorship is encouraged if the sponsor is serving on the weekend team.


f. To develop, affirm, nurture, and encourage leadership/ministry in the Church and to provide a vehicle (servant community environment) that is prepared to encourage and support them in their service/ministry.


g. To facilitate the transformation of Candidate/Pilgrim from being disciples to apostles engaged in intentional action such as serving the poor or reaching the lost. (Faith in action - James 1:22-23, 2:17)


h. To encourage pilgrims to live out the A4DTMlife in the environments they sojourn (home, church, neighborhood, workplace, school, and etc.) the rest of their earthly life.


i. Understand that sponsorship is a commitment not only to sponsor a person, but to encourage a pilgrim's service/ministry and witness as well.


j. Partner with a Candidate/Pilgrim(s) to help them with the application process ensuring an accurate and timely submission.


k. Assist with eliminating possible obstacles to a successful weekend (child care, pets, and/or family needs). Provide transportation to the weekend program and address any lingering concerns.


l. The weekend financial obligation should not be an impediment to attending a weekend. The A4DTM community should raise and have sponsorship funds available to help those with financial needs.


m. Send appropriate “levers” or palanca to the pilgrim(s).


n. Pray and fast during the Candidate/Pilgrim(s) weekend.


o. Attend the closing to encourage the Candidate/Pilgrim(s) with your excitement and presence. Take them home afterwards and listen to them. Stop for a snack or dinner on the way home by joining others who were present at the closing.


Scheduled Events

Team Meetings

May 27th St. Jude's, Tehachapi

June 10th St. Paul's, Visalia

June 24th Bakersfield

July 9th St. Mary's, Fresno


Anglican 4th Day Weekend #8 August 2nd to the 6th
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A4D Weekend #8 theme : "Here I am Lord" Isaiah 6:8

Scripture -Isaiah 6:8

    Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”


Song: "Here I am Lord"
Book: Streams in the Desert by L.B. Cowman